Live healthy with a regular fitness routine

July 15, 2017Posted by Nola Brincat


Getting in shape and feeling better can be as easy as starting up a regular exercise routine. You must stick to an exercise plan in order to build endurance, muscle, and increase flexibility. The first thing to do is decide upon a effective routine that fits your interests and lifestyle. Jogging, swimming, cycling, and hiking are all excellent standard fitness activities that don't require much more than a few accessories and some healthy motivation. Sports like tennis, basketball and soccer are aerobic activities that will rapidly build strength and endurance and are lifetime pursuits. The easiest way to initiate an exercise regimen is to simply select an activity and begin. No matter the activity, however, there are some key points to remember.

Always stretch - Even 5 to 10 minutes of stretching the major muscle groups will go a long way towards preventing injury. Stretching the hamstrings, calf muscles and the abdominals is a good routine to have before engaging in any workout. Warming up the muscles will generate flexibility to allow you to perform better with less risk of tearing muscles.

Pace yourself - Stating slow is a good idea when initiating any physical activity. Before launching full speed into anything, let your muscles and joints get accustomed to the movements by stretching well and having a short, mellow jog before intensifying your workout. For sports requiring strenuous, powerful movements this is especially important.

Eat well and drink plenty of fluids-This seems obvious but it is a critical part of exercising that is often overlooked. Don't eat a large meal and then exercise-your body needs about an hour to digest before you start your workout. Whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables provide essential nutrients and should accompany a protein element. Your body metabolizes protein for muscle growth and the energy and calories you expend working out need to be efficiently replaced. The natural sugars found in fruits are a healthy way to boost energy while you exercise. Protein supplements are also an effective way to build muscle mass and act as quick fuel for any activity.

Wear supportive footwear - Tennis, running, hiking, or just casual walking require shoes that are comfortable and support your feet. There's no joy in exercising if you're uncomfortable, especially if your feet hurt. Select your athletic shoes and head out the door.

While physical fitness and nutrition are sciences, there is nothing complicated about getting out and enjoying an activity that improves your health and makes you feel better. Whether you're looking to lose some weight and start exercising regularly or already lead an active lifestyle, wear arch support shoes listen to your body and enjoy the fitness experience.